Let me make clear from the start, that this article, and any and all articles that may follow, are nothing but my opinion. I am a mechanic and an engineer by trade, so my opinions on topics outside of my expertise are, likely as not, to be pure BS. So please keep that in mind if you’re leaving any comments. I’m a firm believer in discussion & lively conversation, but if the discussion devolves into idiot-troll vitriol, I’ll just drop that silliness into the trash like Shaq dunking on Spud Webb. Ok, now that I’ve wasted 10 minutes on a silly disclaimer, onto my 1st foray into WordPress.

It is more than a little disheartening to see how little gratitude, and how much fear, is created by prosperity.

I directly equate increased prosperity with a decline in gratitude. It’s obvious if you look around you. As people gain more stuff; money, property, gadgets etc, they begin to shift their focus away from the things that hold true value; spirituality, family, friends, community & gratitude.

That’s when fear starts to consume them; fear that they might lose their stuff, fear that others are after their stuff, fear that if they don’t get the latest stuff they’ll fall behind. Once that fear gains a foothold, gratitude falls to the wayside.

When we are poor we truly need our neighbors and community, so we are genuinely concerned for their well-being. We are naturally inclined to be civil and respectful to one another, due to our true need for each other.

Wealth and prosperity never enter communities evenly, so they tend to divide us into opposing groups, and if the community is not blessed to have wise leadership, that division grows destroying the trust that civility requires. Loving one another, never the easiest task, becomes increasingly less important, as we devolve into the love and worship of our individuality.


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